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BlissLights offers a line of patented indoor lights known for laser-sharp clarity, breathtaking colors, and captivating visuals. The brand has made a name for itself thanks to its quality, standing apart from competitors and knock-offs that project blurry, blob-like images. BlissLights’ SEO efforts are focused on building brand recognition, outpacing competitors with similar lights, and encouraging ecommerce through their official home on the web.

The Goal

  • Gain authority in 7 different markets
  • Shorten the gap on the competition
  • Increase page 1 placement

The Challenge

SEO operations costs were extremely high compared to the ROI due to operations of 7 different domains in 7 different markets.

Our Solution

Strategic content to increase BlissLight’s impressions, and targeted keywords rankings.

  • Our content increased BlissLights’ impressions by 600%. For two years, by consistently collaborating, and with intentional keyword targeting on every article, our writers highlighted BlissLights’ strengths, benefits, and the role their products could play in the reader’s life. The results speak for themselves.
  • Much of the new traffic coming to the BlissLights site can be traced back to the blog entries the SEO content team had written. More than 413,000 individual sessions – time spent on a website by a user from Jan-Nov 2022. This important measure indicates to marketers whether a campaign is achieving its desired effect. With numbers like these, there was no doubt that the blog content had kept people interested, engaged, and wanting to learn more about BlissLights.

The Results

  • A 533% increase in sessions in 10 months – just from the blog
  • Ranked the website for 507% more keywords
  • Increased Page 1 placement on Google by 587%
Visibility Before Improove

Visibility After Improove

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