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HollywoodLife is an American digital media brand launched in 2009 by magazine editor Bonnie Fuller. The site covers celebrity, fashion, beauty, women's issues, and entertainment news. It also airs award shows and other pop culture

HollywoodLife came to us with a need on to build their search visibility back up after being hit by a Google care update. The drop in visibility and traffic was dramatic, and was a result of an algorithmic filter that affected the whole site due to a combination of UGC content that triggered an explicit content filter, old and thin content pages, and several issues with keyword cannibalization and duplicate content.

The Goal

  • Grow organic traffic through better performance in Search, Discover, and News
  • Become authoritative in the media brand space against the lesser-known and competitive against the well-known
  • Grow organic keyword distribution and increase in page 1 rankings

The Challenge

  • Impacted by one of the Google core updates in 2020
  • We have to make sure that the index is as clean as possible (only valuable URLs should be indexed)
  • Duplication of content, help clean up the content corpus, and repurpose non-performing content
  • Site speed issues plus old and outdated content and thin/poor affiliate pages

Our Solution

  • Help with duplicate content issues; assisting in creating strong and comprehensive content. There are several existing articles that can be folded into one main story
  • Work on technical aspects: page speeds, removing broken links from high-traffic pages, removing broken scripts, and several more aspects
  • Making articles more UX friendly (adding read times and bullets), making sure the content was geared toward news
  • Assisted with keywords that target who, what, when, where, and why
  • Improving affiliate content by adding and linking to substantive affiliate policy pages, and improving the UX of product review pages with modules
  • Major ad cleanup on the site, fixing placeholders for ads to remove layout shift issues, removing huge ads from a major category of pages (celeb profile pages)
  • Ensuring that linking is properly configured

The Results

  • In 2021 (First year with us) HollywoodLife had a 220% growth in competitive share of voice compared to the previous year
  • Helped grow organic keyword distribution and rankings by 138%
  • Since partnering with us they’ve seen a change in visibility by 48% from March to April 2023
  • HollywoodLife was one of the only outlets compared to competitors to win over the update

Visibility Before Improove

Visibility After Improove

After: Organic Trend & Keyword Distribution

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